Urii Orlov grew up in Odessa, Ukraine where life was rough and times were harder. He learned at an early age to fight for what he needed and take what he could to survive.
The Ukraine is rife with gangs and mafia, which offers a life of luxury to starving young boys. Urii spent time learning how to survive in some of the roughest areas in the city. He learned to be tougher than the toughest, while battling health challenges and a violent family environment. Through it all he felt a calling to be a better person and leave the life of violence and crime for a life of service.
He is a natural learner and used his intelligence to pull himself off the streets and into university where he completed his degree in Social Work. His desire to help others led him to healthcare services and then to financial planning services all in an effort to help others better their own lives.
His many unusual life experiences have led him to share his metaphysical discoveries, in an effort to help others unwind the mysteries of their own life. By sharing his and others’ strange adventures, he hopes to give his readers an insight into how life works so they can learn from his experiences and focus on what they want to achieve in their own life. His positive attitude inspires hope and makes achieving goals and dreams seem possible.
Urii currently resides in Maple Ridge, BC, and has begun working on his next book.