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It's Gonna Be Sick As Hell.


"Basically, this collection of stories is about healthy expressions of masculinity.  On a personal level, it was my way of stepping into my gender queer identity by showing what I loved about being a man before I began to express my identity as 'Gorgeous'.  There are some queer stories, and gender focused stories, but my main focus in this book is to speak tenderness to pains I found in men's circles.  Whether that is to violence, surviving sexual assault, mental illness, or fucking up at work, I ultimately want to offer gentleness to those that struggle as I have struggled with violence, surviving sexual assault, mental illness, and everything else in these stories.
That being said, I love the bizarre and this book definitely reflects that.  It can be read on a superficial level as 'what the fuck was that?' and that would make me just as happy because I believe in entertaining people as well as offering all the good stuff mentioned in the above paragraph.  

I love to laugh so I hope you laugh lots while reading this book." 




An Interview With Nate Nate Nainers by Kier Adrian Gray

An interview with writer Nate Nate Nainers. We discuss their debut book, a delightfully unhinged collection of short stories from Wharfinger's Press called "It's Gonna Be Sick As Hell!", illustrated by Channy-B.

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" thing that I love about It's Gonna Be Sick As Hell! is a lot of it takes place in these working-class job scenarios and they're really interesting interactions. It's like you're taking a construction site or a factory floor as a legitimate place of inquiry, both literary and slapstick-wise...I don't see a lot of stories that take place in those sorts of environments."

Kier Adrian Gray